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A different company, courageous, able to see beauty from a new perspective.

Offering exclusive products and equipment, the result of combining the most innovative technology with the most revolutionary active principles.

Discover the magic of Corpora

SUNLESS SUNTAN, instantaneous, 100% natural, without sun or UV       HIALUROX OPTIMA, Cold Laser Anti-Aging and Body Modeling System
novaCAV, the Ultimate in Cavitation Equipment   PRESOTERAPIA. Corpora Pressure Therapy   NOVASILK, Guantes-Máscara Ultra-Hidratantes de Renovación Celular   STM:CELLS, Skin Cells Renewal System based on Plant Stem Cells
PLATINUM Ginseno, Anti-Aging and Firming Nano-Cell Mask   NOVASILK EXFOLIATION, Deep peeling for feet.   State-of-the-art technology in a single gesture   Aloe Vera, Extracto

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